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We are an engine ecu software specialist in Isleham that can help you get the best and safest power and fuel economy from your car or van. We don't over quote bhp gains or try to give as much power as possible without any thought for the life span of your car/van. We tune for the optimisation between the right power and reliability in our Stage 1 Tunes - this is why they're the best value for money out there. All our software is developed on a Dyno and with Real Time Road Logging.

We will also give you full support and advice from start to end, on how we can improve your car or van's driveability dependent on the option you choose -from full performance remap, an economy tune or a mix of both. 

Customers come to us because of our reputation to please as we provide nothing but the best modified files for your ECU. This is due to all the development work we have done and our understanding of how your ECU functions.

This is why we can offer you services like: 

  • Vmax Removal  
  • Immo Removal 
  • Stage1 Tuning
  • Add additional functions to OEM Ecu's  

We are always pushing our development for new ideas and we only ever use genuine tools Like ECUTEK, BFlash, MPPS, CMD, Autotuner, Magic Motorsport, Flex, WinOLS, DimSport, Batronix, KessV2 and KTag so you can be sure that your car is in safe hands.  

We also offer File Services and Support to Many other Tuners . Feel free Register for prices on file supply, or even for info on becoming an UberTuning Dealer.



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    Powergate4 Ü-Control Giving you the Freedom Of Switching Between Your Maps Settings,
    independently select and upload Uber Tuning UK Developed maps on to Your vehicle All from the comfort of your own home,