Who is UberTuning?

UberTuning is a company that started out back in 2006 with a background in automotive repair, and with the bug of understanding the way an ecu works and functions - a bug which soon took hold.

After studying the functions, testing and then demonstrating our work, word soon got around that we were the place to go if you wanted a safe reliable ecu remap or even a full bespoke custom remap. We soon had calls from other Tuning companies asking to work with us or buy an example of our work so they could test our methods and the theory we implement in ecu calibrations/tuning. 

Here at UberTuning we will never over-quote BHP gains to try and win you over to buy our files - we just demonstrate it for you instead. Its all about the drive of the car/van and keeping the engine within all its SAFE limits of the hardware fitted.

Some Other Services We can offer 

Speed limiter removal

If your vehicle has the internal speed limiter enabled we can remove/Disable this Most of the Time Via OBD. Typically they are stored in either the EEPROM or the internal/external flash depending on ECU Type. 

Used ECU Re-Reprogramming  

We have reprogrammed many used VAG EDC17  in house that cant be cloned directly due to OTP sectors. How Ever in VAG we can also now do this by a file service request providing you can read internal flash and eeprom of both the ori and donor unit. if you require this service on EDC17 ECU's just ask for more info. 

AirBag Modules

We can often Resets (Crash Data-Virgin State) Most Airbag Control units.