Our VTech four wheel drive dynamometer that was designed by tuners, for tuners. 


 The rolling road incorporates some features such as full data logging, this allows us to plot all current data available from OBD pids on to your rolling road graph.
The 4x4 dyno has mechanical synchronisation of front and rear axles, which gives the possibility for measuring the most modern cars, equipped with active traction control systems and will not cause damage to modern 4x4 systems such as BMW's XDrive. 


  •  Automated Weather Station acquisition for power / torque correction. Multiple correction norms implemented: ISO, SAE, DIN
  • Measure AFR / Lambda 
  • Measure vacuum / Boost
  • Thermocouple / EGT channels 
  • Measure RPM direct from engine OBD as well as other key data PIDs
  • Power measured at wheels / or corrected at engine (Flywheel) With Coast Down Transmission/Drag Losses also measured